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Precision systems with heart -
HIWIN linear motors and linear guideways ensure accuracy

Our high-precision cross tables and gantry systems guarantee repeat accuracies in the µm range. At the heart of the precision systems are our HIWIN linear motors and profile rail guides. Together with high-resolution distance measuring systems, they ensure extremely precise positioning. 

Thanks to the built-in direct drive, the precision systems are very dynamic, low-maintenance and can also be equipped with several travelling carriages. The travel distance is measured using optical or magnetic distance measuring systems, incremental or absolute, which ensure precision. Repeat accuracies of ±0.5 µm can be achieved. We offer our cross tables and gantry systems in standardised versions, which can be customised precisely. In addition to the stroke and the encoder system, our customers can also customise the motor type, the energy chain and the profile through to the encapsulation according to their requirements. Optionally, we offer a vibration-damping and temperature-stable machine bed made of granite. In addition, the precision systems can be optionally equipped with a Z-axis, for which we in turn provide various drive options (linear motor or spindle). And depending on the ambient conditions and the dynamic requirements, the gantry is available as a single-sided or double-sided driven version.

Prefabricated drawings and 3D models of the precision systems can be downloaded here. Thanks to the modular design, the standardised cross tables and gantry systems can be customised easily and precisely, and our application engineers will support you in this. Get in touch with us right away.